Fee Schedule

The amounts shown below are set by the PA Department of State by regulation.
*Travel and administrative costs for services are in addition to those listed here.

Taking Acknowledgment

First signature


Taking Acknowledgment

Each additional signature


Administering Oath or Affirmation

Per Individual taking oath or affirmation


Taking Verification on Oath or Affirmation

No matter how many signatures


Witnessing or Attesting a Signature

Per signature


Certifying or Attesting a Copy or Deposition

Per certified copy


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Notaries Public may charge a clerical or administrative fee for services provided related to the notarial act, such as copying documents, postage, travel and telephone calls. These clerical or administrative fees are not set by the Department. 

Mobile Notary Trip Charge

Includes up to 15 miles one way and 1 hour of time at destination to complete notarizations


Mobile Notary Trip Charge

Over 15 miles one way

$70 + $1 per mile over 15 miles

Mobile Notary Trip Charge

Additional time over 1 hour to complete notarizations

$70 + $25 per additional hour or fraction thereof


At Cost

Consulting & Administrative Services

Notary Enhancement Course, Forms, Research, etc.

$25 per quarter hour

Loan Signing

Includes trip fee & time up to 1 hour for notarization and review of pre-printed loan package


Loan Signing with Document Printing

Includes printing of electronic documents, notarization & review of entire package, send back to lender and trip fee with time up to 1 hour


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Payment is due at time of service. Acceptable payment methods are cash, credit/debit & PayPal.

If paying in cash, no bills over $20 and please keep in mind our Notaries carry less than $20 for change.

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I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in this Commonwealth. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.