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Image by Giorgio Trovato

Fee Schedule

Trip fee

Travel to your location to notarize documents


Notary Stamp

Per each stamp



Per mile to your location one-way


Time over 1 hour

15 minute increments


Loan Package - Printed

Printing of electronic documents, travel, time up to one hour, explanation & notarization of documents, mail back to recipient 


Loan Package

Travel, time up to one hour, explanation & notarization of pre-printed loan  documents


Administrative Fees

Printing forms, providing forms, mailing, consulting - per quarter hour



We provide witnesses for your signing, price per witness


Notaries Public may charge a clerical or administrative fee for services provided related to the notarial act, such as copying documents, postage, travel and telephone calls. These clerical or administrative fees are not set by the Department of State. 

Payment is due at time of service. Acceptable payment methods are cash, credit/debit & PayPal.

If paying in cash, no bills over $20 and please keep in mind our Notaries carry less than $20 for change.

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