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Let's Have a Successful Signing!

Have valid identification 
  • Must be current, government-issued with a photo or signature or physical description and a serial or identification number (examples include driver's license, ID card, passport)
  • Your name on the ID matches your name on the document to be notarized
Be aware and willing to sign
  • The Notary must ensure you understand the document you are signing, and that you are doing so voluntarily.
All signers must be present
  • All signers must physically appear in the Notary's presence for the document to be notarized. If your document requires signatures of additional witnesses, please ensure they are also present with their valid ID. *Witnesses cannot have a financial interest in the effect of the document. (Witnesses can be provided at an additional $25 per witness).
Know the type of notarization needed
  • If a notarial form is required, you must be able to tell the Notary what you need as the Notary is not authorized to advise you. Please consult the organization requiring the notarization to provide you with the notarial statement or advise which statement is needed if you are unsure. You can review the types of notarial acts available here.
Review the document for completeness
  • No blank spaces allowed - this leaves your document susceptible to fraud. If there are blank spaces on the page to be notarized, please put a line through and initial them. The document must be completed before it can be notarized.
Understand the Notary can't give legal advice
  • Notaries are prohibited from advising you on the legal effects of a document, filling in parts of the document for you (except the notarial certificate wording), or deciding which type of notarial act is needed on your behalf. Please consult an attorney or the document issuer if you need guidance.
Know the fees
  • Fixed fees for notarial acts are set by the PA Department of State. 
  • Clerical and administrative fees for services provided related to the notarial act are extra. Discuss and agree upon the total fee before meeting with the Notary.
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