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A message from our founder, Ashley Simitz:

Calling all Notaries! How much time and money do you spend on advertising and marketing your notary business? According to a recent survey by the National Notary Association, marketing is the biggest obstacle facing mobile Notaries. Responders reportedly  spend less than 1 hour per week on marketing efforts! 

I can speak from experience when I say marketing IS extremely time-consuming and expensive. From designing and maintaining a website, creating a logo, business cards, flyers, networking in your community... it all takes away from profits you could be earning doing what you do best.   

America's Notary Service helps grow your business recognition by advertising for you. We model our design after franchise business support without the oversight - you retain your identity and benefit from our advertising, support resources and client leads.

Yes, we will charge a membership fee but it will go right back into advertising for you and is nowhere near what you'd spend to market your business on your own. We recognize how valuable your time and hard work is and will concentrate our marketing efforts in areas where our Notary members are located.

Welcome to a new transparent, reliable membership resource for notaries across the country!

  • Cut your advertising costs

  • Gain unlimited access to support and resources

  • Get matched with clients who need your services


We have found that ineffective existing notary directories are popping up on the web and we do not support their ideals or ethics. We are excited to provide a better experience for professional notaries!


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